10 January A.D. 2021 Matthew 5:21-26 – Morning (Rev. Michael Grasso)

In Matthew 5:21-26 Jesus gives his authoritative interpretation of the sixth commandment.  He shows that the sixth commandment regarding murder extends even to our thoughts and words.  Such an interpretation shows the necessity of seeking love and reconciliation with others, especially with other Christians.  Whether you are the one who sinned against another or the one who has been sinned against, it is your duty to seek love with others.

03 January A.D. 2021 Matthew 5:17-20 – Morning (Rev. Michael Grasso)

Some say that because the gospel is gracious and offers forgiveness from sins this means the law no longer plays a role in the Christian life.  Does the gospel nullify the law?  This was a common charge against Christ and those who followed him, namely, that what they preached undermined following Moses.  Jesus addresses this issue in Matthew 5:17-20 and shows that, far from undermining the law, Jesus in the gospel gives the law its full significance and shows that it is still applicable to the life of the believer.

13 December A.D. 2020 Matthew 5:1-12 – Morning (Rev. Michael Grasso)

Matthew 5:3-12 is the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount and Christ’s famous beatitudes where he makes surprising statements about who will receive the blessings of the Kingdom of God, which has come with Christ the King.  Though the King has come, there will still be suffering in this world, and those who maintain godliness in the context of waiting for the full consummation of the Kingdom will have its blessings on the last day.

06 December A.D. 2020 Matthew 5:1-2 – Morning (Rev. Michael Grasso)

In Matthew 5:1-2 Jesus gives his famous Sermon on the Mount.  He gives this sermon as the reigning King and lawgiver of the coming Kingdom of God, showing what true devotion to God looks like.  Christ is the King as David’s son, the lawgiver as the new Moses, and the reigning Son of God.  As such he teaches with authority, showing what being a true member of God’s kingdom looks like.