About Us

Who We Are

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 8.38.57 PMOur vision is for each person at New Covenant to Know GodGrow Together as a community and as individuals in our relationship with Christ, and Overflow with Grace into the world in word and deed. These are the values we seek to embody and make real in our everyday lives.

We desire to Know God and the transforming power of the Gospel through worship and study of the Word. As we grow in the knowledge of our Lord, we seek to build upon the foundation of truth that is embodied in the God-breathed Holy Scriptures.

God is transforming us to by the power of His Spirit. We desire to Grow Together in Christ as a community of believers. Through small groups, service to the church body and community prayer, we seek to grow both horizontally – in depth of relationship to one another, as well as vertically – in depth of relationship to Christ our Savior.

We desire to Overflow with Grace into the world in love and service, as demonstrated in Christ’s own life of compassion. We want to show Christ’s love to others in word and deed by serving the mercy needs of our local community, by preaching the Gospel to unreached people through missions opportunities, and by sharing the love of Christ with those around us in our everyday lives. Through the power and promise of Christ, we believe that God impacts people and society, and uses His church as the catalyst to bring about personal and social change.


What We Believe

We believe, in broad summary, in the one sovereign triune God; that He created mankind as a unique being, in His image and in covenant relationship with Him; that mankind broke that covenant communion by sinning against God, and earned eternal punishment; that, by His grace, God established a covenant of grace in which He promised to send His Son, Jesus Christ, to save His people from their sins; that Jesus came to earth, served God perfectly, and died in the place of sinners, earning both forgiveness and the blessing of eternal life for all who trust in Him; that Jesus physically rose from the dead, ascended into heaven, and will come again to judge the world.

We believe in the person of the Holy Spirit as sent from the Father and the Son to bring people to repentance and faith, enable believers to understand the Bible, and empower them to live a life of obedience, to the glory of God.

The term “orthodox” simply means “straight thinking”; that is, we seek to get our thinking and our lives straightened out by the Word of God. The term “presbyterian” is taken from the Greek word meaning “elder.” As Presbyterians, we follow the pattern set in Scripture for church government: pastors and elders are elected to rule the congregation according to the Bible alone.

(Our beliefs are given officially and more fully in what are called the Westminster Standards. They include the Westminster Confession of Faith, and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms.