An Invitation

Pastor Michael Grasso

We are here in the community to invite you to come aboard with us as we take a voyage together. The ocean of life is not always calm and peaceful. But in Christ’s vessel there is safety and certainty that we will reach the shores of heaven by His grace. Christ came to deliver people from the sin and misery of this turbulent world. None of us has perfectly kept the Ten Commandments. This is what our covenant God calls sin.

Since God loves justice, the penalty for our offenses had to be paid. But God loved us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus also loved us and willingly took our place to pay for our sins on the cross. So God is both just and loving.

If you have known the pangs of a guilty conscience there is a way out. When you trust Jesus Christ, He takes away your sins and gives you His righteousness. It’s like getting a shower and a new set of clothes.

We invite you to come and learn more of this good news. You can be guilt-free! You can be liberated from sinful habits and addictions! You can have a totally new life!

Sunday Morning Worship

Morning Service 10:30am

Evening Service 5:00pm

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